5 Steps To Promote Your Way To Success.

5 Steps To Promote Your Way To Success.

If your are writer, executive, painter, sales person nothing matter promote yourself.  it’s your responsibility to promote yourself to your own success. Nobody will do for you. If you do not promote yourself, you will not go high. Remember your success is your responsibility. You have to take 100% responsibility for your promotion and success.

  1. Appreciate yourself on your own achievement.

Nothing wrong in this to appreciate yourself on your own achievements. If you don’t like your work, why other will do. When you meet your colleague in tea time, snacks break talk about your achievement what you did today and also ask other person to share their achievement

  1. Whatever you success or achievement share your achievement in LinkedIn profile or create a folder for your achievement in your computer.

If you are working professional share your achievement file to your managers and seniors in appraisal time or promotion time. This evidence will help you in bad day. And always this folder will lift you up in bad times.

  1. List out the action and attitude that brought you success.

What cause them? What kind of working style you use? What kind of attribute?  What kind of circumstance?

Documentations of these things will help you in crises.

  1. Make an achievement folder and send it your seniors.

Whatever is your achievement in day to day activity, Make an achievement folder and send it your seniors and mangers on weekly on monthly basis with subject “Achievements of this month or week”. In this you also are bringing your team contribution. This will become your fast track to success or promotions.

  1. Make a family achievement day.

Make achievement day for a family in any day of week and talk about their achievement on personal life. You can encourage your children, wife and parents about their achievement. If your children will shy once they will grow up. This process will help them to overcome.




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