FanTiger – Invest In music & Get Royalty

Started by Prashan Agarwal, FanTiger connects artists with fans through NFTs. Owning a fractionalised NFT of a song allows the holder to earn royalty income based on song’s performance on Spotify, YouTube, Gaana, etc.

Prashan Agarwal, ex-CEO of Gaana and Co-founder of PropTiger, believes NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) will achieve mainstream adoption if they have strong utility and incentives for users to own them.

A music industry veteran, Prashan identified potential in creating an NFT platform where buyers could own a piece of a song and earn royalty income based on its performance. Buyers could also use the NFT to access exclusive rewards (such as meet and greets with their favourite artists, and also potentially resell the NFT on a secondary marketplace to earn a higher return on their investment).

With this vision, Prashan is building FanTiger, a platform to connect independent artists, creators, and musicians with fan communities through NFTs.

1. Invest In Music . Mr. Wise invests INR 4000 to buy a Gold NFT for Song A on FanTiger & gets a 0.2% royalty income share and exclusive privileges.

2 . How does the song make money?
Song A is distributed across all streaming platforms (YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, Wynk, Saavn, etc). For every stream / view on these platforms, the song earns money (royalty income).

3. How do I make money?
Let’s say it’s been 1 year and Song A has earned royalty income of INR 50 lacs. At 0.2% share, Mr. Wise’s investment would be now worth INR 10,000. Hit Songs in the past have given a return as high as 2000% – 5000%.

4. When will I get my money?
Song A has a royalty payout period of 5 years.
Mr. Wise has 2 options to get the Money

  1. Wait till end of Royalty Period and cash out
  2. Sell on FanTiger Marketplace

INVEST in songs and get up to 25% higher returns!


Be a part of various Money-can’t-buy privileges like
✔️Meet-n-greet with the Artist
✔️Online song listening party
✔️Video call or interaction with artist
✔️Signed merchandise.

Get Royalty and extra benefits.

FanTiger is a music NFT marketplace providing a platform for creating, buying and selling digital collectibles.

*Disclaimer : music Investment is subject to song performance risks, please exercise due caution before investing. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Click on below link to start your investment journey starting at only ₹99

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