Magic Tips For Successful Job Alerts

Job alert (also known as a job search agent ) is a tool to help you find the best job listings for you.

A job alert is a useful tool that many job search engines, job boards, large company career websites, and LinkedIn have. The job agent is a system that notifies you when there are new job openings on the website that fit what you are looking for.

1. Name of the Alert

This is a mandatory field. Give a relevant (keyword) title to your job alert as it will be used to manage job alerts. 

For example: Alert for BA Jobs, Alert for Part Time Jobs, etc.

2. Keywords

 Keywords are the words or phrases that define the context of your content. In this case, you need to enter all the relevant keywords related to your designation, skills, and knowledge (and work experience too if that is relevant).

For example: If you’re looking for the role of Business Analyst, you can type the keywords: Business Analysis, Analyst, Business Analyst, product management, product manager, etc.

3. Department

This section defines the organization’s subdivision in which you are willing to work or have already been employed. If your profile extends to multiple departments, include any and every.

For example: If you’re looking for a job in Finance department, you may tick ‘Finance/Accounts/Investment Banking’ section. You can also tick multiple options given on the list.

4. Industry 

Industry here specifies a line of business for any organization. It means the core business any organization is dealing with. Again, if your profile serves multiple industries or you are looking into multiple industries (as may be the case with freshers), include them all.

For example: You can tick the options like ‘IT-Software, Manufacturing, BPO/Call Center’ etc.

5. Location

Mention only the areas in which you are willing to work because you will receive an alert for the jobs available in that location. The alerts depend on the area you chose. If you don’t want your inbox to be flooded, select the relevant ones only.

6. Salary

This section should be left blank for the reason of limiting your job alerts (especially for freshers). You will only get alerts for the salary bracket you mentioned and not for a salary higher or lower than your said bracket. However, this may also be used to exclude irrelevant alert emails. Unless you are switching industry, your current salary can be the lower limit. You have to take a call on this!

Apart from the above-mentioned fields, you will also be required to fill your E-Mail ID and Experience. Fill in the correct Email id and number of years of experience you carry. You can skip some fields, but we recommend that you fill in every detail to get the matching job alerts. These alerts are computed with machines and software which takes into consideration of your skills mentioned in the job alert and Resume.

Yes! Job Alerts are not only customized to the fields you fill in but also to the resume you upload on the website. It fetches the keywords from your resume content so that you get a unique set of matching alerts in your inbox. As a crucial part of your job search, the resume need to be error free

Together with setting a job alert;

1. Go through every detail and information about your career.

2. Research about the market trends and scope of your job profile.

3. Identify your skills and look out for any extra knowledge you need for your profile.

4. Put together a compelling Resume.

5. Make your irrelevant experience relevant.

Job search is not natural and requires a lot of time and efforts. It can be frustrating to receive irrelevant job alerts after all the hard work .

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