30 Days To Finding Your Dream Job With 30 Simple Practical Steps


30 Days To Finding Your Dream Job With 30 Simple Practical Steps

(18 customer reviews)

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Even if your resume, pitch and communications skills are stellar and your background is in demand, you may still be in for a long job search. Many opportunities simply won’t pan out through no fault of your own; budgets, priorities and hiring managers can change unexpectedly. To ensure that you’ll have a quick job search, play the numbers game to win; have many things in the works at every stage of your search.


In today’s competitive job market, you need more than a strong resume to advance your career. Your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile work together to solidify your professional image and are most effective when used in conjunction with a strategic job search plan that includes face-to-face and online networking.


We “”DISCOVERED”” 30 very simple and practical steps to get your dream job

✑️ Features & Benefits Easy to read & simplified chapter summaries with step by step strategies that give exactly what you need to do.

βœ…Β The thirty tips are organized in such a way as to move you from the very first stages of the job searchΒ (writing a resume, reaching out to contacts in your industry) to the final stages (preparing for an interview, sending a thank you note, accepting a job.

βœ…It has helped hundreds of senior professionals create career road map, reinvent their careers, find their Strengths, make big career changes.

Many More Topics Covered With Full Step By Step Details



Day 1 : Refresh Your Resume

Day 2 : Create a Branding Statement

Day 3 : Develop a New Skill

Day 4 : Do Some Volunteer Work

Day 5 : Make Sure Employers Can Find You




Day 6 : Update Your Profile Picture

Day 7 : Get Active on Twitter

Day 8 : Grow Your LinkedIn Network

Day 9 : LinkedIn Recommendations

Day 10: Make Business Cards

Day 11: Contact Your References




Day 12: Visit a Career Counselor

Day 13: Identify Your Target Employers

Day 14: Find Contacts at Employers




Day 15: Contact Friends and Family

Day 16: Conduct a Cold Call Campaign

Day 17: Set Up Three Informational Interviews

Day 18: Join a Professional Association




Day 19: Attend a Job Fair

Day 20: Search the Right Job Sites

Day 21: Learn to Avoid Job Scams

Day 22: Get Organized

Day 23: Write Your Targeted Cover Letter




Day 24: Refresh Your Wardrobe

Day 25: Do Your Research

Day 26: Practice for Your Interviews

Day 27: Say Thank You

Day 28: Follow Up

Day 29: Accept or Decline Your Offer

Day 30: Shake Off the Rejections

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18 reviews for 30 Days To Finding Your Dream Job With 30 Simple Practical Steps

  1. Ankit

    Great Book. 30 Simple practical steps for your next job . Each topic cover from preparing a resume , connecting with professional contact to getting offer letter

  2. Abhinav Dayal (verified owner)

    Must read book if you are really looking for job change

  3. Swati Panday (verified owner)

    Easy to read & simplified chapter summaries with step by step strategies that give exactly what you need to do.

  4. Priyanka Rai (verified owner)

    Steps are organized in such a way as to move you from the very first stages of the job search

  5. Himanshu (verified owner)

    writing a resume, reaching out to contacts in your industry, preparing for an interview, sending a thank you note, accepting a job. every thing is covered in this book. Must read

  6. Poonam Sinha (verified owner)

    It has nice info regarding the recruitment process for the freshers or experienced. It has chapter on linkedin which is quite essential these days.

  7. Nishant Singh (verified owner)

    It takes Action to change your LIFE
    Amazing book that will inspire you to go to the next level with your business, career or family. The Author shows how perseverance pays off. Get your copy today and start your journey.

  8. Saranya Bandi (verified owner)

    This book is very helpful and very informative. It is very easy to understand and one can understand easily. I recommend this one.

  9. Sankesh Kumar (verified owner)

    No doubt, this is a great book for someone who wants to get his or her dream job. It’s a must-read book.

  10. Ramesh Kumar (verified owner)

    β€œI was very impressed by the 30 days planing book. It helped me focus on a completely new industry from the one in which I had been working, before my career-break. It identified my strengths and career-leanings, which I’d always known I had, but never realized their potential in terms of my career-choice.

  11. UPENDRA SINGH (verified owner)

    Perfect step by step job search strategy planning .

  12. Saroj kumar (verified owner)

    Each and every important topic covered in this book for job search from resume writing , LinkedIn profile creation, cover letter writing , interview preparation, How to approach your professional contact , how to use your professional network effectively and many more which normal candidate are not using and resulted they are not getting job

  13. Ritesh Gautam (verified owner)

    People are spending a lot of money in movies shopping, fooding , traveling and others unimportant things but they must also spend 49 rs for your future if they are working professional

  14. Pankaj Sharma (verified owner)

    Very useful book to apply during COVID-19 lockdown

  15. Priya Yadav (verified owner)

    Must read book for career growth

  16. Sanjay Kushwaha (verified owner)

    Useful information

  17. Udit Lal (verified owner)

    Very helpful book . Must refer to all

  18. Anandita tyagi (verified owner)

    Really people are spending a lot money in unnecessary things . My suggestion they should spend this small amount 49 rs in their future ..

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