What After Graduation ?? – Complete Job Search Toolkit For Freshers

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What After Graduation ?? – Complete Job Search Toolkit For Freshers

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Do you know a person moving out from a campus and entering corporate needs to do a lot of planning Making a successful transition from campus to corporate is the most exciting and phenomenal step in one’s life and that should be handled with utmost care





Our comprehensive Career Solutions Toolkit provide 360° professional branding to help you gain the competitive EDGE and position you well for your first job.


In today’s competitive job market, you need more than a strong resume to advance your career. Your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile work together to solidify your professional image and are most effective when used in conjunction with a strategic job search plan that includes face-to-face and online networking.

(A career decision or transition can be a daunting and difficult task. This applies to anyone, whether they have extensive work experience recently graduated from college. In this book you will get useful suggestions for developing an effective career plan.)

Most people just don’t get hired fresher  not because fresher don’t have experience but because they don’t have perspective of what they are capable and how much training they need before they can churn out meaning full work

Remember you are just at entry level. India’s terrible education system didn’t prepare you for the work you need to do ahead. Most of you are probably unemployable. The promises made by the admission counselors of the colleges you went to are probably false. Also, most of you have learned to game the system and have scant regards for rules. You have not developed the required work ethics. You are in trouble.

If you are a fresher, this is good news for you. It’s very easy to stand out. Your peers are not upto the mark. Just build tremendous work ethics. Do some real work. Spend months at offices learning the ropes, and don’t bother about 15 days and 1 month Internships. Get as much practical experience you can before you graduate. Real work, not just more CV points. And just be aware that you are beginning your career. Find out some extra courses or coaching that can give you a headstart towards practical knowledge. There is a long way to go.


In this book you will learn following use full suggestions for developing a effective career plan

👉Evaluate your interests, talents, and future aspiration
👉Conduct research to learn more about career that interest you
👉Choose the career that best fits you

If you are satisfied with what you have learned, finalize your choice and purse your selected career.Put enough thought into into it, and you will increase your chances of making good decisions

  1. Access yourself
  2. Make a list of occupational to explore
  3. Explore the occupation on your list
  4. Create a short list
  5. Conduct informal interviews.
  6. Make your career choice
  7. Identify your career Goals
  8. Write a career action plan

👉Learn , How to make career choice when you are undecided
👉Learn how to do self assessment checklist
👉Learn Do’s and Don’t of emailing your resume
👉 Learn how can you use LinkedIn to get your first job ?

Here’s Another Note**


You don’t get just 1 book but you will get below complete job search survival toolkit

Book 1. Resume Writing Guide
(Ultimate guide to write resume that lands you the job.)
(Your resume is your business card for the new potential employer. To best make use of your 30 second introduction, this book will help you design and draft an eye-catching and easily discerned resume.)

Book 2. LinkedIn Profile Writing Guide
(How to Create Powerful LinkedIn Profile?)
Make Your Online Presence. (Powerful LinkedIn profiles which will help you find your next job. In this guide you will know how to create a winning LinkedIn profile that attracts recruiters and makes others want to connect with you.)

Book 3. Cover Letter Writing/Mailing Guide
(What is the power of Cover Letter?)
(A cover letter definitely increases chances of getting your resume selected, at least for the first round)

Book 4. Interview Preparation Guide : How Can I Be Successful in an Interview & Telephonic Interview Tips

If you just got yourself invited for a telephonic interview? Bravo! However, if the idea of making an impression from distance gets you feeling anxious, do not worry. We have got your back!

With the following tips, you will learn how to sound confident over the phone, how to convince the recruiter with your answers, how to handle difficult questions, and much more.

job seekers

Wait Here’s Another Note


When you buy today, You don’t get just 5 guides book but you will get below 30 days well summarized effective plan for your job search

We “”DISCOVERED”” 30 very simple and practical steps to get your dream job

✡️ Features & Benefits Easy to read & simplified chapter summaries with step by step strategies that give exactly what you need to do.

✅ The thirty tips are organized in such a way as to move you from the very first stages of the job search (writing a resume, reaching out to contacts in your industry) to the final stages (preparing for an interview, sending a thank you note, accepting a job.

Want To Get Hired Quickly ? Play The Number Game To Win

Even if your resume, pitch and communications skills are stellar and your background is in demand, you may still be in for a long job search. Many opportunities simply won’t pan out through no fault of your own; budgets, priorities and hiring managers can change unexpectedly. To ensure that you’ll have a quick job search, play the numbers game to win; have many things in the works at every stage of your search.

In today’s competitive job market, you need more than a strong resume to advance your career. Your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile work together to solidify your professional image and are most effective when used in conjunction with a strategic job search plan that includes face-to-face and online networking

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What is the #1 challenge faced by fresher job-seekers today?

Usually any fresher will face below challenges unless few lucky ones but trust me, you can learn a lot from this.

1. Not really sure where to when to start with many people many suggestions.
2. Confusion on what career needs to be opted.
3. When finally we make up our mind what we want no interview calls for particular domain.
4. There will be very less companies which have job openings
5. When we finally get some calls they will have list of factors like percentage, certifications, experience and blah, blah…

When all above things go right which at some point will go right psychological challenges start.

1. What topic needs to be covered for interview.
2. What and how many rounds the interview would be of.
3. What should i answer if the interview ask this question.
4. Looking at other candidate resumes and comparing resume format of other candidates and going low.
5. Restlessness before your turn.
6. When you have your turn starts loosing confidence and getting scared looking at the interviewer.
7. Worried about the results.
8. If cleared first round the cycle repeats for the 2nd round.
9. Going low if you fail to crack interview.

When interview is cleared then comes the salary. Here you do not have much challenges unless you create one else you will be very happy when you get to this part and you will accept whatever the company offers.

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23 reviews for What After Graduation ?? – Complete Job Search Toolkit For Freshers

  1. Priya Mathur

    Found these book are very effective..I was confused since last 6 month, how can I start me career and in which domain and how to contact HR or hiring manager for support. Must read and implement

  2. Somdutt Pandey

    Very effective book for fresher not for engineering student every fresher can follow all strategies given in these book

  3. Prashant Singh

    Here you will get to know to choose a career when you are confused and undecided and how to do self assessment to choose best career for you

  4. Manisha

    Even if your resume, pitch and communications skills are stellar and your background is in demand, you may still be in for a long job search. Use the strategy planning given in this kit.. must buy

  5. Musab Khan

    A complete career solution with very good contents ..very easy to understand..please go for it and refer to your friends….i love it.. you should go for it

  6. Priyanka Srivastava

    I am final year student in engineering. Modules are very good. Easy to read and understand. Must buy for career change
    Modules are very good. Easy to read and understand

  7. Vivek Sharma

    Recommended to all who want growth in their careers, and looking for your next job . many topics covered for resume writing.

  8. Rajamani S

    It is fantastic book , all must have go through to counter job hunt problems .

  9. P Rajashekhar

    Good content. Resume writing, cover letter writing, how you can create effective linkedin profile and 30 days effective plan for your new job with effective way .

  10. Himani Mishra

    Good content. All you will get for transition from campus to corporate. Must buy

  11. Syed Muhammad

    30 days plan for your next job is useful for all job seekers and also very good content which people don’t know and how to follow. Must read and follow all strategies

  12. Vikas Pandey

    Nice book. Easy to implement all points

  13. Sanjay Kushwaha

    Useful information

  14. Surya Prakash

    After reading these 5 books , found you can not get everything in Google or YouTube. For career success you need expert suggestions and more than a strong resume .
    You should spend this small amount for your future success..

  15. Swati Sinha

    Recommendat for all job seekers.

  16. Anuj Robert

    I am final year BBA student. The best thing in kit I found how to approach HR or hiring manager for your job and draft your mail with cover letter and also resume preparation and LinkedIn profile make over usefull tips

  17. Deepak Chauhan

    Learn best strategy to get attention from employer

  18. Sajjad

    As a fresher , we don’t know which career is best for us and how to find it.. we are just simply shareing our resume to everyone which is really waste of time.. from last 6 month I saw no body is downloading or resume or calling or replying my mail. . . Learn how to approach hiring manager and how to send good drafted mail for job

  19. Pratap mukkara

    In today’s competitive job market, we need more than a strong resume to advance your career. our resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile work together to solidify your professional image with a strategic job search plan. Must buy

  20. Ram Pratap Singh

    Perfect job search plan given in this book ,that every jobseekers should know

  21. Balasubramanyam

    In the light of rising concerns about the COVID-19 spread, many companies have put hold on their placement process. Colleges in India are likely to face a tough year ahead with disruptions in their campus recruitments as the pandemic affects businesses worldwide.

    Learn better job search strategy

  22. Sumedha

    Nice book for all Fresher

  23. Ashutosh Patel

    Referring to all my Fresher friends who are looking their first job.

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