RED FLAGS that will instantly make your resume appear outdated

A Resume is your mirror reflection to a recruiter or prospective employer. Remember! First Impression is the last, so don’t date yourself by making an old-fashioned resume.

RED FLAGS that will instantly make your resume appear outdated:

1. Long Resume. Don’t spend countless hours trying to write long summary about you. There is no such rule on the number of pages of a resume. An ideal length of a resume for a fresher should not be more 1 to 2 pages. Todays hiring managers eyes pick only points which are relevant to their requirements.

There are obvious exceptions, such as recent graduates and entry-level applicants who can easily fit all of their experience on one page without sacrifice. But there may be freshers who have undergone a lot of seminars, workshops, internships which are important to mention in the resume. In such cases in may go to two-page resume.

2. Using ancient fonts. The right fonts are modern and easy to read. The wrong fonts are ancient and difficult to read. The commonly used fonts are Arial, Times New Roman & Calibri.

3. Writing in paragraphs instead of bullet points. Your resume is a brief about the best in you, not your biography. Use bullet points to highlight your experience and education, with short sentences or phrases.

4. Not including a proper address. As a fresher, the section you should describe the most is your academics & any other workshops, internships, seminars etc. where you have gained more knowledge about the skills you are interested in. Ideally display the knowledge you have. All details should be point wise & easy to understand without spending too much time.

5. Not including an email address. Yes you may be happy you have emailed your resume to the recruiter but it would still be important to have your email address on your resume, as well as your contact number. Ensure both the details Email & mobile numbers are verified.

6. Using an objective statement instead of a summary. The purpose of an objective statement is to tell the employer what you want. A summary, however, tells the employer who you are and what you can do for them. Your summary should be about two or three sentences that state what job you are applying for, and a brief explanation of your career highlights. You should be able to read your summary section out loud in 30 seconds or less.

7. Missing details in the education. Many freshers tend to mention incomplete education details. Sections to be covered under education should be Education/Year of Pass out/School-College/University/Percentage. Ensure all the details are mentioned. Yes there may be a situation when a Fresher has not scored well and does not want to enter his/her percentage BUT it is mandatory information. Experts will know how to go about highlighting your Goods! It’s always a good idea to have your resume written by experts.

8. Adding “References available upon request.” Of course they are. It goes without saying that you’re going to provide references if a prospective employer ask for them. It is not necessary to mention this line in a resume.

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