The Struggle – The Three New Truths That Will Help You Break Free of the Nine-to-Five Slog

The Struggle – The Three New Truths That Will Help You Break Free of the Nine-to-Five Slog

The world isn’t just changing. It has already changed. Just a few decades ago, the path to the “good life” seemed so obvious. Go to school. Graduate college. Pay your dues. Build your career. Just play by the rules and you’d be guaranteed a spot at the table. That’s what we were promised by our parents, our grandparents, our teachers and professors, our politicians, and our society as a whole. But look around you. Those promises have been broken. That system is broken, and there’s no fixing it.

It’s time to start recognizing the game being played around you. The rules have changed. In fact, there are no more rules that you know you can follow to find guaranteed success. So it’s time to start standing up for what you really want, instead of settling for the scraps society tosses at you and barely getting by. It’s time to unlock your true potential.

But how? The first step is awareness. If something feels “off” in your life, that’s because something IS off. If you’re dissatisfied, uninspired, or in pain, don’t just hide your feelings and hope that they go away. They won’t. They’ll only intensify!

If you’re unhappy with where your life is headed, if you’re looking for a big breakthrough to show you where you should go next, if you’re ready to make a change but just don’t know how to take the first step, I can tell you one thing for sure: You won’t find any more clarity by continuously “trying on” lives that don’t fit you, hoping to find a match.

You have to create something entirely unique. Entirely you. In order to do that, you must first learn what I call the Three New Truths.

You No Longer Have to Pay Your Dues

  • In today’s world, the hustle isn’t about “working your way up the ladder”; it’s about creatively leveraging your skills to get to the top more quickly.
  • You will piss some people off when you skip steps. And that’s OK.
  • You must let go of the idea that you have to “pay your dues” before you “deserve” success.

The Game Has Changed—and You Can Make Your Own Rules

  • You can hate or resent people for being successful, or you can become one of them.
  • You don’t need to go to college to make an impact on the world. You just need Wi-Fi, a laptop, and a lot of coffee.
  • The longer you stay in school, the bigger your loans get and the more money you end up giving the government. So it’s in t the government’s interest to keep you in college

Money Is Easy

  • If you think starting a business nowadays is difficult, be grateful you weren’t born in the 1800s! Back then, you needed hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a business off the ground. Now, you can just use the Internet. It’s invisible, it’s free, and it has all of the knowledge that humans have ever compiled.
  • We’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s hard to make money. But information on how to make it is everywhere now. What’s actually hard is the execution of those ideas.
  • A million dollars a year is about $2,700 dollars a day. Not a crazy amount

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